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Castle Trust Finance Limited was established on May 18, 2015. Registered address: 10 Norwich Street, London, United Kingdom.

The company’s official website is

For the last two years our specialists have monitored the investment market and conducted its research. In early 2015 our company was a startup, but today it can invest in large promising projects. It is managed by experienced specialists, each one being an expert in an individual industry. Our investment portfolio that contains highly-profitable assets allows increasing the capital even in a short space of time from 145% up to 520% per annum for three months.

Our diversified investment portfolio distributes our clients’ risks throughout the entire term of deposits and offers an advanced safety cushion in the form of a contingency fund and assets.

Trust Finance selected three major areas for investments that are in demand and of great current interest today. In combination they can generate regular passive income and allow optimizing risks related to asset management. In the nearest time our portfolio will be renewed by a few readily obtainable assets.

1. 50% of our assets work in the crypto-currency market. Our experienced traders always know what currency to buy and what time to sell due to a closed in-channel channel, which provides a stable profit on short-term and long trades.

2. 35% of our assets are invested in video games and mobile apps development. We invest our funds in smoothly running production and sale of casual and top-rated video games on the world market through the agency of the largest western distributors. Mobile apps and games are extremely popular, they have a huge audience and are in demand.

3. 15% of our assets are invested in the US stock market having an access to the following US stock exchanges: NYSE, NASDAQ through LEK SECURITIES. Trading is managed by 12 experienced specialists, who successfully use the "Pump and Dump" strategy that is not known to every trader.

Its essence is a fast growth of the price for cheap shares during a day, i.e. securities that cost less than 10 USD per stock. This is the situation when the player’s psychology manifests itself, because in most cases the price for shares increases quickly against the background of human greed and after a vigorous growth shares are sold and the deal is completed.

All deals are carried out via an expensive high-precision channel for signals sent by our agents, that’s why we derive from 0.5% to 3.5% per deal within a short space of time. From 20 to 42 profitable transactions are conducted in the course of a month.

The abovementioned strategies in combination allow us to be always sure of the company’s financial stability to honor all commitments related to payments to our investors.

Fortune smiled on you today! You have a unique possibility to join a community of successful people, who are not satisfied with low interest on deposits paid by national banks.

Trust Finance, like bank institutions, uses your funds during the term of validity of your deposit to get profit. However, the difference is that we are ready to pay you a lucrative compensation for that. If you join our project today, you will get your first profit and obtain the status of a successful investor tomorrow. Welcome to your secure future with Trust Finance!