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«Castle Trust Finance Limited» (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and Individuals (hereinafter referred to as Customers) have entered into this Public Offer (hereinafter referred to as the Offer) that contains the following terms and obligations:

1. General provisions for services rendering

1.1. This provision clarifies all aspects of «Castle Trust Finance Limited» activities regarding interaction with the Customer.

1.2. The Company interacts with its Customers either through its official website or at its office located at: 10 Norwich street London United Kingdom.

1.3. «Castle Trust Finance Limited» is a company legally registered in Great Britain, so it carries out its business within the jurisdiction of this country.

1.4. Any Internet user of full age shall carefully read and understand all terms and conditions hereof and accept them to become the Company’s Customer.

1.5. It is deemed to be a voluntary decision of the Customer to sign up on the Company’s website.

1.6. The Customer can sign up using the standard form containing fields, in which users shall specify their credentials that will be used to log in.

2. Investment regulations

2.1. Min. amount of deposit (per package) – $11.

2.2. Max. amount of deposit (per package) – $77 777.

2.3. The period to make a deposit may range within from 3 to 12 months.

2.4. Deposits can be automatically prolonged.

2.5. The Company reserves its right to alter investment terms and conditions in its sole discretion. In this case the Customer shall be notified of any alterations no later than two weeks before they enter into effect. Means of sending notifications include newsletters and news reposts on the official website.

2.6. The Customer shall replenish the balance of their personal account to invest in the Company’s funds.

2.7. To replenish the balance of their personal account, the Customer may use the following officially supported payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash, Bitcoin, NixMoney.

2.8. To make a deposit, the Customer shall click the button “Make a deposit” in their personal account.

2.9. Interest on deposits is accrued automatically every day or every month depending on the plan you chose.

3. Funds withdrawal

3.1. Withdrawal of income to payment systems - from Friday to Sunday inclusive. Withdrawal – 72 hours from the moment of sending a request.

3.2. Funds can be withdrawn using the same payment systems available for the replenishment (p. 2.6).

3.3. The Company disclaims any responsibility for payment of fees charged for the Customer’s withdrawal transactions.

3.4. Crediting fee - 1%. Withdrawal fee – 2%.

4. Affiliate Program

4.1. «Castle Trust Finance Limited» investment project offers an Affiliate Program, which objective is to encourage existing customers to invite new investors.

4.2. Every active project participant is entitled to get from 5-10% from the first line of amounts invested by new customers invited by them and further on interest will be accrued based on our Affiliate Program described in the “Partners” section.

4.3. To get remuneration provided for by our Affiliate Program, the Customer shall use their personal referral link to invite new participants, which will allow to keep track of the investment activities of personal accounts created by them.

4.4. The Customer must not register accounts using their own referral link to get interest from their deposits (or deposits made by their relatives) provided for by the Affiliate Program. In case the Company gets to know about such issues, all the Customer’s accounts will be banned, and the Customer will not be able to withdraw any available funds.

5. Company’s obligations

5.1. The Company shall maintain confidentiality of all Customer’s personal data provided by them during registration and under no circumstances shall disclose it to third parties (unless it is required by any judgment of any court of the Great Britain).

5.2. Castle Trust Finance Limited makes regular payments to the Client, provided for by the investment project, depending on the results of its activities on trading exchanges and other possible financial instruments.

5.3. The Company shall not be liable for any failures of payment systems used by the Customer. So, in case the Customer cannot carry out a financial transaction related to account replenishment or funds withdrawal, the Company may extend the deadline for its completion till the date when the payment system is fully operable.

6. Customer’s obligations

6.1. The Customer shall be fully aware that protection of personal data required to get an access to their account is their sole responsibility.

6.2. The Customer shall be absolutely responsible for the results of all transactions made using their account.

6.3. The Customer shall strictly observe all provisions hereof.

7. Liability and circumstances of insuperable force

7.1. The Company assumes no responsibility for any damage incurred to the Customer in case of circumstances of insuperable force (natural disasters, strikes, military actions and other accidents that can have an effect on the integrity of the infrastructure and communications).

7.2. The duration of the period of the Company’s liability delay in case of circumstances of insuperable force shall be determined by an independent audit company engaged by «Castle Trust Finance Limited».

7.3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred as a result of data loss due to system errors contributed by Customers.

8. Procedure of alterations introduction into this Offer

8.1. The Company may introduce alterations hereto in its sole discretion. In this case the Company shall notify its customers of any alterations no later than two weeks before they enter into effect.

8.2. Alterations introduced into this Offer shall not contradict its earlier versions.

8.3. All provisions hereof do not contradict the international legislation and comply with the laws of the Great Britain to the fullest extent.