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The project introduces anti-crisis temporary changes starting July 21, 2017.

Dear investors and participants of TRUST FINANCE.

Starting today, July 21, 2017g. In the project there will be some changes aimed at stabilizing the financial situation.

Recently, the lion's share of our assets was redirected to the market of crypto-currencies in three categories of trading: short-term, medium-term and long-term. Our traders achieved very good results.

With the profit from crypto trading on exchanges, dividends were paid and deposits were returned to our investors. But recently due to the radical changes in the crypto-currency market in particular because of the upcoming changes in Bitcoin, including SegWit2x bitcoin, the market of altkins was severely damaged. In this connection, medium-term and long-term trades have suffered temporary drawdowns, except short-term trades.

Thus, we must reconsider the order of payments in the project.

 The project will include the following anti-crisis temporary changes for a period of 1-2 months starting from July 21, 2017 until the stabilization of the crypto-currency market:

1. The project will not be closed.

2. The project works and will work further unequivocally. We will not play the pyramid and pay for the inflow. All payments are made and will be made solely from the profits of the company.

3. We change the management strategy in crypto-trade. All trading accounts will be transferred to the management of an experienced crypto-trader Alexey Medovoy. Reports on its work you will receive monthly.

4. Applications for withdrawal rejected, funds returned to the balance.

5. Charges for all plans will remain unchanged.

6. Applications for withdrawal can be made on August 21-22, but possibly earlier, follow the news on the site and in groups.

7. Payments will be made from the 22nd to 25th of each month. The percentage of payments before the stabilization will float depending on the company's profit.

For example: your balance at the payment date was $ 100, and the net profit of the company divided by all investors was 70%, that is, you receive a payment proportionally to your deposit of $ 70 from the accrued balance, and $ 30 will remain on your balance until the next payment.

8. The percentage of dividend payments to investors will depend on the amount of the company's profit in trading on crypto-currencies. Such a scheme will be more stable and the project will be able to work long and successfully.

9. Tentatively on the 22nd day of each month, 100% of the company's earned profits will be divided by 90 \ 10. Most of the 90% is spent on payments to investors, and the remaining 10% is spent on the maintenance and development of the project. Payments will be made in proportion to the amount of your deposit.

The advantage of our measures over other projects in a similar situation:

1. The project is not closed, active deposits remain in full.

2. Balances in personal cabinets are not reset, but are saved.

3. Dividends will be paid from the company's profits.

4. Operators and technical support continue to work as usual.

About further actions we will keep you up to date using the system of messages on the site and groups in social networks.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

With best regards, the administration of TRUST FINANCE.