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The conclusion will be opened on August 25 from 01-00 to 23-59 by the time of the site.

Dear partners of the Trust Finance project.

We inform you that in August our trader continued working on the crypto market. The situation has not changed much, but we are ready to share with you a part of the actually earned profit.

1. The conclusion will be opened on August 25 from 01-00 to 23-59 on the site's time.

2. Your application must be exactly 10% of the total accrued balance in your personal account for the 25th day, regardless of one or more payment systems.

3. Since the amount of payments will be clearly formed from the profit of the project, applications exceeding 10% of your balance will be rejected and the funds will be returned to the balance, and the next conclusion will be made at the end of September.

4. Processing of applications according to the regulations within 3 days, that is 26, 27 and 28 August.

5. We continue our work with the intentions to reach the previous level of work next month and fulfill all our commitments to our partners.

 Operators and technical support continue to work as usual.

About further actions we will keep you up to date using the system of messages on the site and groups in social networks.

We apologize for the inconvenience!

With best regards, the administration of TRUST FINANCE.